We use cutting-edge psychological methods to help you lead your organization in an empowering, supportive and confident way.

Why we are here

We believe that mental health is a priority for organizations. Mentally healthy employees and management create more productive and stable organizations.

We support organizations in finding solutions to problems such as:

Who we are

INTOKU was founded by Socrates Panayi in 2017. Our name comes from the Japanese language and translates to “doing good in secret”.

As the name implies, our vision is to psychologically support and empower both the individual and the organization with confidentiality being our top priority.

We believe that psychologically healthy organizations are more productive, work better with new opportunities and effectively overcome adversity.

Research supports our belief and indicates that psychological well-being programs for both the employees and management can significantly impact organizations.

This is demonstrated by our long-standing track record.

How we help

Coaching for leaders and managers

Providing leaders and managers with solid psychological techniques to support their staff to achieve their goals.
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Delivering experiential trainings to your management and employees.
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Counseling for employees

Supporting and guiding employees during difficult times.
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Providing experiences that impact the connectivity, cohesion and purpose of your team.
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Recruitment Consulting

Assisting you in evaluating candidates' personalities using cutting-edge psychological methods.
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Executive Support

Evaluating your concerns and supporting you in finding ways to overcome the challenges you face as an executive.
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Work with us

Do you want to make a positive change by promoting mental health in the corporate community of Cyprus?

See our available positions below and contact us at contact@intoku.cy with your CV.

The role is made for final year or graduate students of psychology or other related professions. The internship is not paid, however, we can support you in finding sponsorships via Erasmus and other programs. Completing an internship program with us increases your employability in the future.

We are open to collaborate with Mental Health Practitioners on a referral basis. Practitioners are required to have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree and have substantial experience in Cyprus or elsewhere. To begin our collaboration, an assessment may be required.

The Personal Assistant (PA) position is a permanent one. The PA will be responsible for communication, conducting basic research, managing data and basic marketing. The post will begin on a probation basis.

The Soft-Skills Trainer (SST) position is offered on both a collaborative and a permanent basis depending on the soft-skills one is willing to train and other factors. Having an EQF certification will be considered an advantage.

We are always looking for professional and driven individuals to join our team. If you appreciate what we have to offer and would like to join our team or collaborate with us, feel free to send us your CV and proposal and we will get back to you.